Orthopedic Treatments and Surgeries
Orthopedic treatments and surgeries offer advanced solutions to help you regain your mobility and live pain-free.

Orthopedic Treatments and Surgeries


Work with highly trained doctors who are expert orthopedic specialists to select your ideal treatment option. Throughout your treatment, know that you are being cared by an experienced doctor who is dedicated to delivering orthopedic excellence.

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Hip Problems

Hip replacement is a sophisticated treatment option applied in various clinical scenarios. It's particularly useful in cases of osteoarthritis (arthrosis), dysplasia (congenital deformity), congenital hip dislocation, femoral head AVN (avascular necrosis, often referred to as bone death), and hip fractures.

When these conditions prove unresponsive to conservative approaches such as exercise, physical therapy, injections, or arthroscopy, the total hip prosthesis emerges as a crucial intervention.

These hip prostheses can be expertly crafted from materials like cobalt, chrome, or titanium, and they come in different variants, including cemented and no-cement hip prosthesis types.

The goal is to restore function and alleviate discomfort, allowing individuals to regain their quality of life and mobility.

Knee Problems

Dealing with knee problems can be a challenging and discomforting experience that affects your overall quality of life. Our dedicated team of orthopedic specialists understands the importance of healthy, pain-free knees for your daily activities, sports, and overall well-being.

Knee problems encompass a wide range of conditions, from the common wear and tear of osteoarthritis to acute ligament injuries and more complex issues. We recognize that every patient is unique, and our approach to knee problems is tailored to your specific needs.

The orthopedic experts we work with are equipped with the latest advancements in medical technology and surgical techniques to address a variety of knee problems effectively. We offer a comprehensive range of treatments, including non-invasive procedures, physical therapy, and advanced surgical interventions when necessary.

At Bilyana HealthCare, we prioritize your comfort, mobility, and long-term knee health. Our goal is to provide you with the relief you need, so you can enjoy the activities you love without the hindrance of knee-related issues. Don't let knee problems hold you back any longer – explore our range of solutions and embark on a journey toward better knee health today.

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder issues can be a source of persistent discomfort and hindrance to your daily activities. At Bilyana HealthCare, we understand the significance of a pain-free and functional shoulder for your overall well-being. Whether you're dealing with rotator cuff injuries, dislocations, or other shoulder-related problems, our dedicated partners are here to help.

In modern medicine, arthroscopy has emerged as a groundbreaking alternative to open surgeries, significantly improving the treatment of joint and cartilage issues throughout the body, including the shoulder. This minimally invasive approach, often referred to as "closed shoulder surgery," offers various benefits over traditional open surgery.

Shoulder arthroscopy is not only less invasive but also results in shorter procedure times and faster recovery periods. It has become a highly effective solution for a wide range of shoulder problems, from repairing tissue tears to addressing injuries and dislocations. Our partners are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that you receive the most advanced and comprehensive care available.

We recognize that each patient's condition is unique, and our treatment approaches are tailored to your specific needs. Our priority is to alleviate your shoulder discomfort, restore your range of motion, and enhance your overall quality of life. Say goodbye to shoulder problems holding you back – explore our range of treatments and embark on a journey toward a healthier, pain-free shoulder today.

Foot and Ankle Problems

Foot and ankle issues can significantly impact your mobility and overall well-being. At Bilyana HealthCare, we are dedicated to addressing a wide range of foot and ankle problems to help you regain your quality of life.

One common concern related to these areas is cartilage injuries, which can manifest with severe pain and swelling, often resembling an ankle sprain. These injuries are frequently overlooked by patients, as they may not be immediately apparent. However, it's crucial to seek the advice of a specialist doctor if you experience persistent pain and swelling in your foot following an accident, fall, or heavy impact.

In today's advanced medical landscape, cartilage problems in the ankle can be effectively managed through minimally invasive surgical procedures. These procedures offer patients the opportunity for a swift recovery and lasting relief from discomfort.

Orthopedic specialists at our partnered hospitals are well-equipped to handle a variety of foot and ankle conditions, including cartilage injuries. We understand that every patient's situation is unique, and together with your doctor we tailor your treatment plan.

The primary goal is to alleviate your pain, enhance your mobility, and enable you to enjoy life to the fullest. Don't let foot and ankle problems hold you back – explore our comprehensive range of treatments and take the first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Spine Problems

A healthy spine is integral to overall well-being. One common concern is poor posture, which can have far-reaching effects on individuals.

From back, waist, and neck pain to mental health, these issues can significantly impact one's quality of life. Left untreated, poor posture tends to worsen gradually, exacerbating its negative consequences.

Orthopedics and traumatology play a crucial role in addressing posture-related disorders.

Achieving a healthy posture requires proper support for the head, neck, and waist area when sitting, standing, and sleeping. With the rise of desk jobs, posture problems have become increasingly common, affecting a substantial portion of the population.

Don't let spine problems, including posture-related issues, hold you back.

Discover specialized treatments that can guide you towards a healthier, more comfortable, and more vibrant life.